Slowly but surely…everything is going to be alright!

Slowly but surely…  everything is going to be alright!

Due to my intensive research during my 25 months stay in Amsterdam which has reformed my experience entirely in different fields and directions, such a way that I feel this little old me(Japanese Rie), it’s not me today anymore, I feel much wiser, stronger and more talented with much endurance and flexibility as well as more tolerance and acceptance at any given moment.(and that by it self more than a dream come true.) 

*  I have learnt by practice almost every stroke and technique that Thai and Chinese massage have…
not by choice but by obligation!!
** Time is the best teacher, (I will explain you how!)
As a time I started my first practice as I arrived, Thai and Chinese massage techniques were urgently
required to Continue working and maintain a happy returned client, so the time has been my teacher
and the hard working with continual learning has quickly paid off, thanks god. It was too difficult and tough.

***Time is the best doctor and medication that can heal almost every illness and sorrow.(I will explain this one my next blog.)  

I have witness magical moment as well as many exciting stories… also case studies about my travels, Japan , Australia, as well as the Netherlands and Dutch people.
I will mention some of them as I write here and now, and a lot more will come in my next blogs.

This world is unfair!

Everything happening has a reason, but if we don’t understand it while it was taking place, then we may sometimes or may not understand it but later, then we may do that… but so many years after.
Basically this instance may explain to us why many writers, artists, musicians, composers, physicists and genius lived and die very poor, and they only got rewarded and appreciated… but so many years later after they were gone.

For example…..

i.) Leonardo Da Vinci never knew that  one simple art work of his many(Mona lisa)will be considered as one of the world’s most prominent art of all time, his spiral design/invention of first helicopter, the last supper of judas,…etc  and much much more…all were considered masterpieces.

ii.)Thomas Edison’s mom who lied about school expelling letter informing the parents that “the school has a expelled” her son Thomas Edison due to mental deficiencies…now I say to myself Rie, How stupid??
Which idiot that school principal was?

To expel one of the iconic inventor who invented the light bulb, mono-graphy moving picture (cinema)…etc

iii.)August Strain berg  the genius writer who created (the red room)the world’s most famous theater drama ….the Apex of strain berg (miss Julie) & ( Inferno ) …etc 
Strain berg died very poor, during his last day before he died, he sold his only chair which was broken and has only three legs, due to his very poor status and total poverty… for only one cigarette … very unfair… this world we are living in.
A great writer who died very poor…as of today he has three memorial statues made of gold, brass and granite…but too much late.

Ouh my god, OMG! how this world is unfair, it has always been and will always be…still😢