Hi everyone!
My name is Rie, I come from Japan and I am a holistic therapist.

As a therapist with over 6400 hours of global experience that enhance my career with passion and fills my life with love to my profession, through which I can energize my clients with enormous optimism and happiness.

(Optimism, Passion and Love are infectious…………The key of success in my treatment, starts by delivering maximum optimism and cheerfulness  to my client that will create a wide smile on their faces
and fill them with happiness.)

Through my business trips I have travelled locally around Japan, Indonesia and Australia, then I travelled around Europe Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.
I have decided to settle down and become a freelance therapist in the heart of Amsterdam.

My life as a therapist is a journey full of adventures driven by mysterious intuition that comes deep from inside!
As a body design therapist, my mission is striving continuously to empower others and helping clients who are suffering from passive energy, tiredness and fatigue, as well as those who are sub-healthy (I mean healthy with low energy, hidden pain or disorders) “here my mission starts”
In order to empower and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

Make my clients wanting to have more of life, feeling complete, encouraging their desires and passion to fulfill a divine purpose. To energize my clients mental abilities and refreshing their faculties of mind in order to unleash their unlimited hidden energies and resources.

” Most likely that we all  human-beings  have enormous energies which can move mountains”

As per transcendental meditation concept, the concept’s bottom line is to go deeper into your sub-level of concentration and consciousness as well as reaching deep into your tissue to set your thoughts and spirit free.

Transcendental meditation enables you to dive deeper into your soul awaking all your senses, bringing back your six sense and overcome your stresses.
(i.e, through my treatment techniques we force eject stress, strain, tiredness and uncomfortability to a parallel path outside your body, leaving my client trouble free in tranquility and peaceful state of mind like never before, allow me to say “New born again”.)

セラピストとして今年で12年目を迎えるBODY DESIGN THERAPY セラピストの河田梨絵と申します。








是非、BODY DESIGN THERAPYへのご来店、またはアムステルダム内のホテル出張サービスをご利用ください。

RIEのヒストリー RIEの会社名の由来 RIEの考え方 RIEの展望

2010年 : 日本大学文理学部体育学科卒業、整体サロン入社(店長経験、ダイエットコース施術数 全国3位)
2014年 : オーストラリア、バイロンベイにてサロン勤務
2016年 : オランダ、アムステルダムにてマッサージセラピストとしてサロン勤務


1. ホリスティック(全体的)な健康観に準拠する
2. 予防を目的として、自然治癒力の向上や人間のライフスタイルの改善を図る