Everyone of us needs to feel and ease , relaxation meditation and tranquility.

If you can spare 30minutes of your free time in my treatment studio, I promise I will make it to happen.

What I can offer you…

1. Meeting you face to face and communicate without words through body massage.

2. Restore your body , muscle and your spinal cord(alignment)remember that your classy car needs alignment at least once a year. So your body worth doubleg or triple as much.

3. I will explore your body and sense I will take every single pain point and fix it for you.

4. .I will  try to help you to direct your emotion in a more happy way that is my strength.

5. Your body will receive sensitive ten finger tips which are well trained to track ,trace and remove your uncomfortable stress.


BODY DESIGN THERAPYの使命は、お客様一人ひとりと向き合い、身体・心・精神全ての視点から問題を捉え、施術を通して最終的には、その人自身の元々持っている「自然治癒力」「自己表現力」を高めることです。
身体の不調を感じたり、何か悩んでいることがあったり、リラックスしたい、疲れがたまって元気が出ない、ストレスを感じている etc…  日本人セラピストがお客様の状態を丁寧にカウンセリングしながら、マッサージをすすめていきます。心身ともに癒しの時間をお過ごしください。


・Shiatsu Seitai(Japanese style treatment) & Oil combination treatment
・Head massage
・Hot stone massage
・Counseling (online)

RATE    *Include  VAT

・30min €55   
・50min €70     /  Hot stone   €90   
・70min €89     /  Hot stone   €105 

Sorry at the moment I work as ZEN Massage therapist.
Please follow the website  and choose “Treatment with Rie”

*You can always add 10 extra minutes only for 10Euro.
*To enjoy pure CBD oil enhancing your massage and maximize your tranquility for only 10Euro.


Eerste Hugo de Grootstraat 27, 1052 KN Amsterdam


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Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun   11:00〜19:00

Eerste Hugo de Grootstraat 27, 1052 KN Amsterdam

TEL : +31(0)6-4139-7299
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LINE ID : kawachan8
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