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Rie is a well established therapist who trained in many phases and multi techniques in this vast profession, such as Japanese Seitai, kind of shiatsu, Sato style lymph technique, Thai massage, Chinese acupressure point, reflexology, chiropractic, upper part treatment (head, neck & shoulder) cupping and hot stone treatment.

Rie has been through many courses, as she was awarded many certificates which enables her to develop her own unique multi-edge technique, that she call (Rie’s (*‘∀‘)) that means smile and take a deep breath.

This amazing technique proven to treat anxiety(ungst), fatigue, worry, sorrow and almost everything human can suffer from.

Rie can help you relieve stress,ease pain and create better flexibility through fixing joints…
She customizes her massages to your individual needs, and has a very caring, professional presence.

Relax your muscle, unchain your body, release your pain, set your mind and spirit free…

・Seitai  (Japanese style treatment)
・Oil treatment
・Head massage
・Hot stone massage

・45min €65
・60min €75   Hot stone  €95
・75min €90   Hot stone  €110
・90min €100 Hot stone  €120

*cash, bank transfer and credit card  are accepted

For cancellation takes place in less than 24 hours only 50 % of rate will be refunded.