Time is the wisest doctor and the best medication!

What does it take to heal…can it heal by itself, well I don’t think that it can heal by itself… but only time can cure and make it heal.  

Do you know that, (Time is the wisest doctor and the best medication.)
I remember that I met old man in my dream… when I was very sad due to fare welling one of my dear  friend. That old man came running approaching me, as he gazed into my eyes which made me kinda scared, then with a light smile on his face, he whispered gently in my ears saying those words which sound like musical rhythm  “Patience and meditation is the best medication” remember these words my little lady! Then he turned back and quickly disappeared… I mean completely vanished…I still wonder if that man was really a human, imagination?… no…it was dreaming when I slept nearly one year ago.

 I ran to my mother on the other corner of the room, asking her, mom… mother !
What do you think of that man?… that man, man… which man?

The man who was talking to me.     “I haven’t seen any man” my mother said.

Mother are you kidding me!… that man who was talking to me for at least three minutes. 
My sweet heart I guess you are tired, you need to sleep… Let’s go home… you need to rest.
Today, almost a year after I still remember that old man very clear and his words sound in my ear.

As if it happened yesterday… can anybody tell me what was it?… whom was that man??
My mother couldn’t help me to figure out… what was it?
I’m still searching and curious to know………..I’m not scared anymore, but very curious.
As I said earlier on “everything happens for a reason ” … I knew the reason but I never knew how it happened………(was that old person a real man, a human being, angel, evil, spirit, or just imagination!)

…………………(why this happened, was it good, was it bad, did it help me and what can I learn from it.)

These question are rambling in my head almost a year just now only I found all the answers, now I can rest………………Don’t worry I saw this story is my dream…… 

I will share with you in my next blogs what I’ve learnt from this amazing experience.

See you next time!