“The Netherlands!!”……… Why just The Netherlands not any other land?

Holland, oh my god dose the fortune teller mean Poland (Is it Holland or Poland…?)
Is it the same thing ? I don’t know, I do not know Holland, never heard before/I only know Poland.
I should meet that fortune teller again, I should ask her many questions, she has awaken so many questions inside of me…
Please please I need an answer !

Why I was born, why in Japan & why I left Japan?
Why I went then to Australia, why now I need to go Holland or Poland?

As the matter of fact, everything is a mess, I confused the name Poland instead of Holland. as I was excited rather than getting the fortune teller’s message misunderstood!!

At the meantime, I have called her one more time asking for more details
(what land did you mention, was is Poland or Holland.)

She told me it’s not Poland it’s Holland/the Netherlands near Germany and Belgium.

As I started to read and correct information about Holland, luckily I found out that Holland has very special treat for Japanese citizen,(international political agreement).
There I decided to start my journey. An exciting adventure, a long tiring trip starting from the far east,  Japan/Tokyo to Australia and then continuing all the way down to the heart of Europe searching for my unknown destiny!!……….amazing……..terrifying and dreadful coincidence unbelievable incidents all taking places at same place and same times all rushing together into my very poor me, I feel like my heart is going to stop and my brain keeps on expanding as I sometimes feel like these experiences pushing me far beyond any limits.  

A simple shy Japanese young lady can not even speak any western language. No money no language suitcase with couple of jeans and T-shirt all I have is wide smile on my face and very talented fingers with healing touches, magical ability to charm my client to fall asleep,I believe in myself, my family, in particular my mother, who has almost done for me everything, she is more than a miracle, as well as my father with his big loving heart I keep calling him the hidden hero (I love my dad, I wish I can pay back anything impossible simply because your support me is priceless.)
At last but not least, my colleagues in Japan, my friends in Australia and my god father Vinny from Australia, the star who helped me in many ways to reform Rie into what I am today. (I thank you all for reforming my life.)

**In simple mathematic (4=27) how come !…….yes it’s true….exactly right……(As Rie since 1987 until 2014, i.e.  …….when I travelled to Australia 2014) 27 years of my life from the day I was born until I travelled to Australia all I know in my life, all my experience was much less than what I learnt and gained in these last 4 years until today 2018…….yes this makes sense………not only that, but career, profession, money, social media and 2 long ques of happy return clients and friends, as well as supporter.
And more shocking is the help from my dear Japanese professional web designer friend who offered an incredible website  with all the technical support for my treatment.(Thank you very much Aiko, you’re my angel♡♡)

As my story is very long and my journey still ongoing, most importantly was that the moment I came to Holland on the second week of my arrival in Amsterdam. I went on an interview in one of Amsterdam famous massage studio, I could successfully past the test and shortly I got the job, as the boss offered me a sponsorship directly and at the same time I got a permanent room.
(The room, the job and sponsorship are most difficult things that someone can dream of in this part of the world, in the heart of Amsterdam)
Thanks god for your help, and thank you for all your support, I am so grateful and proud.

At that moment there were many thoughts rushing across my head but then bottom line of all, is that I am gifted, I am protected and I am loved, Amsterdam/Netherlands is where I should live and die.
Here is my happiness my success and my fortune, now I know what the fortune teller meant and when I realize where I belong and where I should be……….Holland is the place not Poland for sure.

See you!